How To Earn From Mobile App?

How To Earn From Mobile App?

makerShekhar Chugh createdon08-08-2019

There has been an alarming increase in the number of mobile phone users. In the modern world, 63% (5 billion) of the total population have mobile phones.

Therefore, we have the very right time to accelerate our speed and do something with mobile apps.

What Am I saying is - use mobile app to earn money. If you don’t want to do network marketing for generating passive income, you can particularly go for mobile app development.


Below are some techniques that you can use in order to generate passive income (income while you sleep) from mobile apps:


  1. Advertisement - The first and the most easiest way to earn money from mobile apps is to integrate advertisements. Whenever any user will view the add or click, it will give you revenue. Some of the most common platforms that offer advertisements are Google Ads, Facebook Audience Network, Unity Ads, ChartBoost Ads Etc.


However, you need to check policies before implementing these ads in your mobile app. If you further need help in integrating google ads, you can call - +919646407363.


     2. In App Purchase- Using In App Purchases is the second common ways to monetise money from mobile app. By IAP, we mean users need to pay money in order to use the services of the app.

What most of the app developers do is they publish apps for free and when they get specific traffic, they start integrating IAP (In App Purchase). Google IAP is again the most common way for generating revenue from app InApp purchases.


3. Affiliate Marketing - Last, we have affiliate marketing (generate revenue from the products sold through the links used in your mobile apps). 

No matter if you don’t have any product, you can become a marketing associate of a company and promote their products.

For every product sold through your advertising link, you will get around 30-40%. 


Only the first time you would have to achieve target of particular sales. But once you go through, you can become an associate for lifetime. 

Amazon is one of the most common affiliate marketing websites.

Wrapping Up


Develop A Mobile App and generate vast income. Not just for your active working, but you will also get money while you sleep.

According to your wish you can choose advertisements, InAppPurchases or affiliate marketing strategy.

If you further need any help related to money earning techniques from mobile apps, you can contact me - +918837826904