How To Earn Money Through Blogging

How To Earn Money Through Blogging

makerShekhar Chugh createdon18-06-2019

How To Earn Money Through Blogging? I am only 18 years old. Can I get money by doing blogging?

Blogging or Content writing has become one of the easiest ways to earn money. If you can write well, you can easily start your blogging business with very low investment. However, if you dont how to write well, you can hire writers and developers at a resonable rate and start earning.

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Steps To Start Blogging Business -

1. Build A Website 

The very first thing you are required to do is to build a website. According to your interst, you can choose .php, wordress or any other medium for developing a website. From the internet, you can find wonderful web hosts that offer hosting services at a valuable price. Once you are done with the initial setup, you can start the designing.

2. Set Up User Interface

Next, you should make a beautiful interface for your website. Again, you can hire a web designer for the complete process including responsiveness. However, you can also learn designing skills from the internet. But, the process would ask for more time. Therefore, it is better to implement website design through other person.

3. Add Content 

Once the design is ready, you can start adding content. Here also, you can offer money to content writers for providing articles on a daily bases. According to the quality of the content, you can provide .40-.45 per word. Well, if you know how to write good English, you can prevent the money required for hiring content writers. You need to foxus on lengthy, high quality content.

4. Promote SEO

After content and design, the time is to bring traffic. Only by bringing too many visitors to your website, you can earn vast money. If you dont know, how to get large audience and earn money from blogging, you can hire the SEO specialist. Furthermore, you can visit - to get superb blogging tips.

5. Integrate Google Adsense

Now, it is the time to earn money. You can make a free Google Adsense account, fill details, read instructions and wait for your website to be approved. After the approval, you can copy the tracking code into our website and start earning money.


There is a simple answer to the question - how to earn money through blogging. After the right web hosting, right web design, right search engline optimisation, the time is to integrate Google Adsense. Once done, you can avail very huge money. All the very very best.

Happy Earning