How To Start A Business With Zero Investment

How To Start A Business With Zero Investment

makerShekhar Chugh createdon17-06-2019

Do you want to start your own business? Have you thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

Think? How It would be having your own business?

Majority of us think about starting our own specific businessess. But, not all get success while implementing it. The reason being lack of resources, money, knowledge or other things. As a result, we ended by doing small scale private/government jobs.

Friends, Dont Worry. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you have the courage and potential, you certainly can make a very big empire. Below, I have shared some wonderful ways through which you can start a business with very low/zero investment:

1. Do A Mobile Repair Course - We are living in the modern age full dependent on technology oriented devices. Therefore, we can assume the indispensable need of mobile phones/smart phones. Every Day, we see a new version of mobile phone launched in the popular company. By observing so much population of new mobile phones, we can make an Idea about their maintainence.

Therefore, after graduation, students/adoloscents can do a 6 months mobile repair course costing around 8000/1000 rupees and become a master in mobile repair. After that, one can start his/her small mobile shop, offer fair (genuine services) and then let the business grow.

2. Become A Pest Control - Majority of the modern day houses have the problem of pest/germs. Germs/bacterias/pests keep growing because of water sanitation problem/food wastage etc. And, solving this problem is certainly very easy. But, being engaging in our activities, we dont have the time to look after these problems.

We simply call the serviceman, make him perform the necessary task and offer him money. Whether or not, our problem is fully solved, we lost around 8/10 k in few hours.At that time, we can do a little research, get the required pest control machine and say good bye to our big problems.

As a start, we can clean our house. If we get succeded, we can walk to other houses and start a business. Slowly and gradually, we can increase our business to very big level through online/offline marketing.

3. Become A Toy Seller - One can also imagine the population of babies. Around 10% of the world population is covered by babies. Then, if you think deeply, you will came to know how many toys and gifts are required by the world population. I am not talking to open a big toy shop. But, you can do something different or very unique.

What you can do is to open a small shop where there are most of the babies. The place, where babies are brought for treatment can be one of the best toy selling places. Exactly, i am saying about hospitals. Next, you can also start free baloon service in the initial stage. If your toy will contain the logo of your shop, you will receive maximum of customers.

4. Network Markeing - According to me, network marketing business is the best business of all the zero investment businesses available in the market place. Network marketing or direct selling is the marketing of products/services with the help of a market. Any person irrespective of age, sex and gender can start this business.

Joining fee of most of the companies is about 1000-5000. The growth of network marketing is increasing at such a rate that some direct selling companies have made joining absolutely free. Direct selling is an industry in which a middle class person can become a millionaires/bllionaires.

Therefore, it is very right time. If you have the aim of doing something very big, you must start network marketing. If you want to know about better network marketing company, you can watch -


If you have the mindset, you can do anything. Small business Ideas are the pathways to a huge business empire. Its up to you whether you want to checkout problems of your home, do a small duration mobile repairing course or become a networking marketer.

But, if you do the particular thing/business with whole heart and mind, you can go very high. I wish, you will go try out these Ideas and achieve lots of success

All the very best