What Are The Two Types Of Income. How To Earn Passive Income

What Are The Two Types Of Income. How To Earn Passive Income

makerBhupinder Gill createdon11-06-2019

Basically there are two types of Income -

1. Active Income - The income which is received for as much time as we work. And, if take any leave, our income is deducted. For e.g. Job

2. Passive Income - The income which keeps on receiving throughout the lifetime after working hard for 2 years is called passive income. For e.g the rent owner gets money for every month without even seeing roommates


Some Ways To Earn Passive Income

1. Real Estate - Purchase land/house and then set it on rent is simply a wonderful idea to earn lots of money. You only need to get worried first time, when spending a large amount of time. According to your choice, you can find the broker and the land/house.

2. Blogging - Here is one of the amazing passive earning methods for students/adoloscents. One can easily become a writer if he is good in English through the help of websites. Once a person become fluent in english, he can make websites, post articlles and then integrate Google Adsense to earn extra money.

3. Network Marketing - Out of all, this method is the best method. Network marketing is the marketing of goods and services through a network. This work can be done by every age group. This business is growing at a very high rate from the last few years. In network marketing business, you can earn unlmited amount of money. You only need to work hard for your first two years.

There are several network marketing companies running in India. Only after checking profile, product and plan, you should join network marketing company. If you are an Indian, I guess you to join - Modicare, the first Indian direct selling company expected to have 1000 crore turnover by 2020.

If you further have any questions related to network marketing or want to know how to join modicare - you can watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsN2UCEo2Kw

Wrapping Up

Passive Income is lot more better than Active Income. Out of all three passive earning ways, i would suggest you to go with network marketing (the business of the 21st century). Network marketing is the thing that can turn your dreams into reality. Therefore, take out some extra time to earn passive income. Happy Earning

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